Revlon Sweet Boutique | Revlon ColourBurst Lip Colour 050

There was alot of hype surrounding these particular lip products when they were released, surprisingly this is my first time trying them out.

As you guys are probably aware that berry shades are on trend again this year for Autumn/Winter and can be seen from the high street to the beautiful models on the catwalk. 

I don't know about anyone else but when winter approaches I stop using all my summery bright colours and go for a more wintery feel with darker lips/nails. I received two lip butter 'berry' shades and absolutely in love with them both.

As you can see from the above picture the colour of the bullet is totally different from the colour once applied, which is a little disappointing but also a good thing for people who want to try the berry trend but afraid of doing so. 

'Berry Smoothie | 050' is more on the light berry side than dark and an absolute dream to apply! I've never used a lip product that is so moisturising on my dry lips. What I also like about this shade is that it makes my lips look more fuller too which is a bonus! 

Also I'm here to tell you guys that you can also win your own lip butters and wanted to let you know that after the amazing success of the Lip Butters 'Sweet Boutique' on Facebook in the summer they are re-launching  just in time for Christmas, Revlon will be giving away 100 x Lip Butters every day until 4th December. All you have to do is visit the Revlon UK Facebook page here and take it from there!

Good Luck! 
*PR Sample


  1. It's sort of a shame that they are completely different colors I usually judge by the color of the tube so I feel like if I would have purchased one of these I would have been disappointed when I took it home and tried it out. =/

    Great review though,

    1. I think it's because it's more of a balm than lipstick, I find that the colours look totally different on other people too! Thanks hun x

  2. I've only recently fallen in love with the lip butters...I've been entering these everyday so fingers crossed!xxx

    1. Can't believe I've never tried them before! Good luck :) xx

  3. I agree, these are so moisturising on the lips which is why I love them. This one looks gorgeous

  4. I love the revlon lip butters, they're brilliant! I don't own this colour but now I may have to head out and buy it.. it looks gorgeous! xx


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