opi original nail envy nail strengthener

OPI Nail Envy 15ml £18.65

"Maximum strength formula with Hydrolyzed Protein and Calcium helps nails grow harder, longer and stronger and resist peeling, cracking and splitting. The Original OPI Nail Envy has a clear, glossy finish."

After wearing acrylic nails constantly for 1 year (naughty I know) really messed up my nails, I'm surprised the poor things didn't fall off. After deciding to ditch the falsies last year I wanted to get my nails in tip top condition so I ditched the nail polish and went on the hunt for a nail strengthener so off I went to google and typed up the best nail strengthener and this little bottle popped up and went into my eBay basket!

When it arrived I was keen to give my nails some TLC so applied 2 coats as instructed, the leaflet explains that you need to apply 2 coats followed by 1 coat every other day for 7 days and repeat the process which is a little faffy remembering to apply every other day but I stuck with it. 

After the first week I wasn't expecting miracles but my nails were the same - weak, short and kept on breaking! Again I repeated the process for a whole month and didn't see a difference in my nails and was incredibly disappointed because of the rave reviews so I stopped using.

Overall would I recommend? No, I bought into a hyped product and was yet again disappointed and would of been very angry if I paid the full £18.65 (I bought off eBay for around £10) 

Anyone tried the OPI nail envy and seen results?


  1. I used this after having gel nails and it work really well for me. I did use if after only having one set of gel nails on for about 3 week though so my nails weren't really bad, just weak and breaking. It made my nails so much stronger.



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