charles worthington volume & bounce texturizing spray

"Use this volumising and texture enhancing spray to instantly create bigger hair. This dry formulation works invisibly to provide superior volume to hair whilst giving it a gorgeously textured look and feel."

I have long hair that's really weighed down, I've tried everything to hairsprays, powder, to even getting layers cut into my hair and my hair simply won't hold a thing so when I saw other bloggers praising this product I marched into boots and picked it up to try. I always get sucked into the hype!

I followed Charles Worthingtons instructions how to use the product, spraying onto dry hair concentrating on areas that need more volume and texture which is my roots then ruffle the hair to give a texturised finish and the results.....well....

Did anyone try that awful Schwarzkopf got 2 b powder? Well this is exactly what this product reminds me off that awful sticky feeling in your roots thats a nightmare to brush out. Did it instantly create bigger hair? Not for me I'm afraid.


  1. Was going to try this but I think I'll give it a miss now haha. That sticky feeling sounds like the Umberto gianni backcomb in a bottle stuff that I bought after the hype but it was a total disappointment for me too. I found a pretty good volumising hairspray recently though! Funnily enough it's from Schwarzkopf and it's something like 'sexy push up hairspray,' only a few quid so worth a try :) xx

  2. Oo dear! Doesn't sound good, it's so tempting to give into the hype!
    Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog..

  3. Hi, I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Please check out my blogpost and see what I've nominated you for :)

  4. Oh no, sorry it wasn't good. I've heard the Bumble & Bumble Pret A Powder is great for volume without that sticky feeling. I haven't tried it yet though as it's a bit pricey x


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