John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Deep Conditioner

John Frieda fully body deep conditioner*

"Intense repairing formula with lightweight Incha Inchi Oil, penetrates deep and repairs the look and feel of overstyled hair reducing the risk of breakage. Damaged hair becomes silky and full, safe for colour treated and chemically treated hair."

John Frieda have recently launched a set of new haircare products Full Repair Range which can be viewed here for more information about the products.

I'm sure we are all guilty of mistreating our locks whether it's with heat/chemical/colour damage, I'm a big fan of straightening/curling my hair so some TLC is a must, especially as it's really long it's more prone to breakages etc. I'm abit obsessed with haircare; especially if it promises to transform dry/weak hair into silky, fuller locks!

As you can probably tell from looking at the picture the conditioner is rather thin in consistency which I find better as it allows you to distribute the product through your hair more easily. After washing my hair  with the John Frieda Full Body Shampoo/Conditioner I towel dried my hair a little and then applied the deep conditioner through the lengths of my hair and left it on for around 5-10 mins (if you've got more time then I'd recommend leaving it on for longer)

The product does say it contains Incha Inchi oil which I've never heard of before but according to google it is the most richest vegetable source of essential fatty acids,  the best oil plant because of it's composition and high nutritional quality. Bit of knowledge there for you ;)

When the conditioner is rinsed out you should instantly feel how soft your hair is, I'm really pleased with the results from the first wash. Hair was more more soft, silky and smooth and not a single split end in sight! 

I've been using the Deep Conditioner in conjunction with the rest of the Full Repair range but more on that soon but as others have said, this is the one product that stands out. 

Anyone else used this or any other products from the Full Repair Range?

John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Deep Conditioner, £5.99/150ml 
Currently 3 for 2 in Boots link


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