Big, beautiful hair?

Hey lovelies, today I'm going to share with you my secret to big beautiful hair...

There's a lot of hype surrounding sleep rollers from certain celebrities but obviously couldn't take their word for it so I decided to try them out for myself and so glad I did. I ordered mine from the sleep rollers website here and paid £16.50 inc p+p for 2 pack of rollers (20 in total) and comes with this cute little bag to store them in.

I know the rollers may seem expensive to some of you but literally nothing holds volume in my hair like these do, no matter how much I back comb my hair will not hold the volume due to it being long, thick and heavy.

How to use:

Using sleeprollers is very simple, the website recommends you blow dry you hair first which I do.. make sure your hair is the same width of the roller and simply roll under for bigger, better results. I use around 10/15 rollers to cover my whole head (insert cheesy pic below, I got some right dodgy look btw)

Unfortunately I have no "after" pics unless any pop up from the weekend then I'll insert them into the post but seriously, if your looking for big Cheryl Cole-esque hair then I'd definitely recommend investing in the sleep rollers. I'm so glad I did :)

Anyone else tried sleeprollers or anything else from their website? I've currently got my eye on the hairdryer hood!

For more information visit their website or follow them on twitter.


  1. Aw we need to see some after pics, plzzzzz :D

  2. You are so beautiful!Esti atat de frumoasa!

  3. so want to try these! altho a lot of reviews say they're not that comfy? xxx

    1. Tbh they are not the comfiest things to sleep in, I just leave 'em in throughout the day x


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