ghd air professional hairdryer

"Established as a professional stylists’ must have styling tool for over 10 years, ghd has revolutionised the way in which we style our hair. Now ghd, the world’s leading luxury haircare brand brings you its first salon strength hairdryer that will blow you away - ghd air."

Developed in conjunction with professional styling experts, the new ghd air is designed to help you unlock the secret to a gorgeous salon blow dry, every day. Featuring a powerful professional motor and advanced ionic technology, it delivers exceptionally fast drying and styling while helping to reduce frizz, leaving your hair soft and silky. Whether you’re looking for quick, sleek, smooth results or fabulous, impactful volume, ghd air puts the salon power in your hands. 

Has anyone tried this and whats your thoughts? Would you pay the price for a hairdryer...

RRP: £99, you can find out more information about the ghd air hairdryer product features here on the ghd website.

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  1. It seems like an amazing product, but it's quite pricy! I'm sure i can buy a blowdryer which is just as good for a fraction of the price!

    Lots of Love, Ana

  2. I know what you mean, I wouldn't fork out nearly £100 if I'm honest x


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