Kylie Jenner lips/lipstick

Hey guys, so it's a quick one today. If any of you follow me on Instagram (@carlyslym) you will know that I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner, she's turned into such a beauty and I'm mega jealous.

There's been lots of talk about her lips and the shade she's been rocking lately, a nude brown. It seems the 90s fashion is creeping on us slowly and I'm loving the brown lips again so before I even saw Kylie with this amazing lip colour I needed a brown lipstick back in my life so I opted for Velvet Teddy by MAC described as a deep tone beige it's the perfect colour I've been looking for and what I love about it so much is that it looks different on every person, google swatches no swatch looks the same.

Anyway, after seeing obsessing over Kylie's instagram I needed to hunt down that lip colour she was rocking and apparently she uses MAC Velvet Teddy paired with MAC Whirl lip pencil which of course I had to go out and buy and it goes with Velvet Teddy perfectly. Also worn alone is beautiful too.

So there we have my take on Kylie Jenner's lips/lipstick. Anyone else love Velvet Teddy as much as me? Both products can be found on the MAC website here and here.


  1. This look really suits you :) xx

  2. Aren't Kylie's lips just on another level?! Every time she posts an Instagram photo I'm just in awe. I've been thinking of buying a shade similar to Velvet Teddy for a while, I used to have one by Sleek that was a great dupe but I lost it on a night out, wah! May have to pick this up :)

    Meg |

  3. So gorg!!! Kylies lips are out of control, everytime I see a photo of her they've grown haha! xx


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