Vitage micro skin polish

 Vitage Micro Skin Polish £27*

Earlier on in the year I was lucky to receive some amazing products from courthouse clinics, in the package was this Vitage Micro Skin Polish, exfoliating is an important part of my skincare routine as I've mentioned before I really suffer from milia and exfoliating (and patience) is a way to banish those pesky bumps. 

Paired with my Clarins toner I try and use this exfoliator once a week, I find they work extremely well together, the toner bringing the milia to the surface - if you suffer from milia you know that trying to squeeze out the 'white stuff' is impossible so the Vitage polish exfoliates them away when they surface. The luxurious skin exfoliator uses micronized diamonds and pearls to rejuvenate and refine uneven skin texture so you can really feel it working on your skin, it is quite abrasive so people with sensitive skin really do need to be careful but smoothing it gently over your skin I really think you will notice a big difference in the overall appearance of your skin after regular use of this product. 

It comes in at a pricey £27 but if it gets rid of my skin concerns I'm happy to splash the cash, after a quick search on google you can find this a little more cheaper.

Anyone else used the Vitage micro skin polish? How do you find it?


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