nars orgasm illuminator

"Light the skin from within. A collection of light-reflecting liquids that glide on to refresh and enhance the complexion with shimmering incandescence. Deceptively sheer, decidedly luminous."

Already reading that little description sucks you right in doesn't it? I love Orgasm blush, it's definitely my favourite. I've always wanted to try NARS illuminators but they are pretty pricey if you don't end up getting along with them so when I spotted this going cheap on a blog sale I snapped it up. 

I already pictured me wearing this, alone on my cheeks in the summer with bright beautiful, bronzed makeup sad huh? The way I'm currently using it is applying this to the tops of my cheek bones and temples and pop some blush on, it gives me a lovely fresh faced glow. I'm yet to try it wearing it just alone without any blush but I can imagine it being just as beautiful.

This is such a pretty product I've been using it on a daily basis since the sun first appeared, despite it raining everyday after typical but it hasn't left my cheeks. 

NARS do a vary of Illuminator shades which all look equally beautiful and really eager to add some more into my collection. Anyone tried the NARS illuminators..which shade is your favourite?


  1. I need this! Super pretty

  2. I have had this for over a year and never used it! I really need to give it a try. Do you just apply it straight on your skin or mix it with something first?

    Michelle Louise Love


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