Sleek matte me lip cream 'party pink'

Hey guys, so I'm fully aware I'm over a year late on trying this particular product but who cares?! Anyway, I want to try Lime Crime Velvetines so bad but I'm scared, yes I'm scared that the formula will cling to every bit of skin on my lips which isn't a good look so before I decide to splurge on Lime Crime I though I'd give the Sleek offering a go and this particular shade is actually supposed to be a dupe for 'suede berry' 

Retailing at a mere £4.99 it isn't going to exactly break the bank if I didn't get along with it, sometimes matte lipsticks on me are a little hit and miss even though I don't have particularly dry lips matte formula just makes them look worse than they actually are. Before using this I make sure to prep my lips beforehand, a good lip scrub and Dr Lipps nipple balm leaves them feeling soft and smooth.

I make sure I've got a little balm on my lips when I apply just so it goes on evenly and doesn't cling to any dry patches. One coat is definitely more than enough, making sure to wipe off any excess before applying to the lips as I can imagine it would go very cakey if you apply more than you need.
Once applied to the lips it dries matte after a few seconds.

The only problem I have that the colour starts to wear off the centre of the lips after an hour or so, so you really have to keep glancing in the mirror. If it does start wearing off take it all off and re-apply because it doesn't go on smoothly afterwards.

For £4.99 though I can't really complain, anyone else recommend a similar product that doesn't fade?


  1. For 4.99 I'm willing to re apply! I might have to join you on the better-late-than-never bandwagon


  2. I love matte lipsticks and my collection is a wash with many of them ( including the Lime Crime Velvetines), but I've never tried these! I think I might have to give them a go!
    LouLovesbeauty xx

  3. Looks pretty. You should deffo look into the Bourjois velvet rouge edition matte lip thingies, they're stunning :)

    Sophie x

    1. Yes I've been looking at these, will def check them out x

  4. Oh wow what a gorgeous shade, what a shame that it wears off xx

    Gemma |


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