Origins out of trouble 10 minute mask review

Hey guys, apologies for being an awful blogger recently I just haven't had the motivation to blog really and with these dark nights dawning in it's harder to take a decent picture with the lighting. 

Anyway here we have Origins out of trouble 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin, I don't have acne but do suffer from cystic spots now and again in the chin area and when these horrible buggers decide to pop up they are a NIGHTMARE to clear up so I wanted something to use once a week or so to keep those nasty buggers away. 

The consistency of the mask is really thick, which I like as it's easy to spread around the face. Now onto the smell...this is where some people complain saying it smells too strong etc but I actually quite like it, it smells "medical" so it smells like it's going to actually work. 

I spread this over my face and leave on for 10 mins or so, (some others say it works fantastic just as a spot treatment also) it feels a little tingly once applied so no need to worry. Once I've left it on for a few minutes I then soak a muslin cloth in hot water and then remove. 

After I've removed the mask I can notice a difference in the appearance of my skin, it looks brighter and calms down the redness from the spots.

The mask retails for £19, which I know might seem rather expensive but trust me a little goes a long way and will last you ages. 


  1. I never tried Origina products before but they always have good reviews. Maybe one day I'll try =)

  2. This is my favourite face mask! I also get those pesky cystic spots on the chin so maybe this mask is good for our particular type of spots eh :) x

  3. i recently just got into origins products and i am definitely going to pick this one up!! thanks for the review <3


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