Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark Mousse

Fake tan is ESSENTIAL in my routine I simply cannot live without it, no lie! I hate being pale and being bronzed just makes me feel better about myself.

I'm forever browsing google for different brands of tanning lotion, I prefer spray tans as I like the colour payoff more but it's a pain getting someone to spray me as I haven't mastered a technique to do it on myself so I'm constantly looking for that tan that promises beautiful bronzed skin...

Next on my list of fake tans to try was the Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark, it had amazing reviews and their twitter page was packed full of bronzed ladies showing off their tans so I decided to put in an order.

The application of this tan is like other mousse formulas, glides on easily over the skin and takes me around 10-15minutes for a whole, one coat body application. The guide colour is a noticeable golden shade so you can see where you've applied it to your body and if you've missed any parts.

Now I don't know whether people are actually washing off the guide colour when they are reviewing this product because a lot of the colour seems to wash down the plughole so it's not as dark as I would like it to be but it leaves me with a light/medium glow, very natural looking which I should be aiming for to be honest but named 'darker than dark' I was expecting more colour as it seems to be the same shade as my other tans. 

The only problem I have with this tan is that it's not long lasting on me at all, even with moisturising my body it lasts around 2 days before it fades drastically...not ideal when you don't have time to tan more than once a week. 

Overall of you are after a 'darker than dark' tan then maybe this isn't for you or maybe I should put more than one coat on? Hmm. Either way lasting 2 days gets a major thumbs down from me.

Have you tried this brand? What's your thoughts?


  1. How disappointing! I too was pretty impressed by their twitter photos but that's gotta just be the guide colour?! I hate it when most of the colour just washes down the drain, so many tans are guilty of that. So hard to find one that is dark enough with just the one application. I almost always have to do 2 with whatever brand! xx

    1. Got to be, it left me pale in comparison to the pics I'd seen! Think I'm going to start doing 2 and see what that's like. x

  2. Oh that's so disappointing, I hate when tans fade so quickly considering the amount of effort they take to prep and apply. I quite like the St.Moriz Dark I'm still on the quest to find my perfect tan though! x

    1. Exactly, and 2 days..who's got time to keep applying it? I don't think I'll ever find a perfect bottle tan x

  3. Such a shame it doesn't last very well. Have you tried St Moriz or Sunkissed? They work really well for me x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says


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