Sensationail Gel Deluxe Starter Kit

After having acrylics for a good solid year I thought it was time to have them taken off and see what damage they did to my nails...I could of cried (and still could - the state of my poor nails) 

Anyway, I received the sensational gel starter kit for christmas as I wanted to venture out into the world of gel nails, I heard people mention they were really good but never got round to trying them out and normal nail polish really doesn't last well on my nails at all. 

I've used this kit enough times to share my thoughts with you guys. The kit contains everything you need to get you started:

Application is simple, firstly PREPARE:

1. File and lightly buff the natural nail 2. Using the lint free wipe provided clean nails with the gel cleanser 3. Apply one layer of gel primer to nail and allow to air dry for 15 seconds, I just apply the primer to the edge of the nail. 


1. Apply a thin layer of the gel base and top coat avoiding the skin and cuticle 2. Cap the nail by running the brush along the nail tip and cure for 30 seconds (the lamp will beep once for 30 seconds and then switch itself off at 60 seconds) 3. Apply a thin layer of the colour gel polish, again avoiding the skin and cuticle, capping the free edge of the nail and cure for 60 seconds, apply a second coat and again cure for 60 seconds.


1. Apply a thin layer of base and top coat, avoiding the skin/cuticle and cure for 30 seconds 2. Finish by removing the moisture layer using the gel cleanser/lint free wipes

And there you have your salon manicure at home.

The lighting doesn't do the nail colour any justice, it's a beautiful shiny deep plum colour and I wanted to show you how well it's lasted; this manicure is a week old and has only chipped where my nails have broken. It's still as shiny as day 1, I cannot fault this starter kit and don't forget practise makes perfect! I can't wait to get more colours and keep practising!


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