Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser

Vaseline Spray & Go - Cocoa Radiant 190ml £3.99

Anyone watched the Vaseline advert? It instantly made me want to goto Superdrug and try this moisturiser out for myself. I'm not a big body moisturiser fan, I fake tan every 3-4days so should do it religiously but seriously I don't have time to be throwing on body moisturiser, 5 minutes to apply it and then a further 10 minutes faffing around and waiting for the thing to dry so when I saw the advert it looked simple...spray, rub and get dressed...PERFECT!

I purchased this from Superdrug for £3.99 saving me £1.00 as it's RRP is £4.99 which I'd still happily pay because how amazing it is! It's extremely simple to use, all you do is spray and then rub the light milky liquid into your skin and you're done that's it, no faffing around waiting for the product to sink in. Do be careful if you are doing it in the bathroom or on laminate floor as it can get a little slippy.

This is perfect if you're lazy, in a rush or need to up your game on the moisturising front then I recommend you skip to Superdrug and straight to the body aisle because I promise you won't be disappointed! Anyone else LOVE this?


  1. I absolutely love this stuff!!!! It's a lazy moisturisers dream! xx


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