Light Reflecting Setting Powder helps skin shine through makeup, enhancing the look of foundation and extending makeup wear - all without a trace of colour.

Containing Nars` exclusive Light Reflecting Complex, this translucent powder optimizes light reflection on the skin, optically fading fine lines, wrinkles, and pores as skin is visibly smoothed. Vitamin E and glycerin help guard against dryness and provide a luminous soft matte finish. Ideal for touch-ups, regulating shine and seamlessly setting foundation.

This is really the first setting powder I've ever really used, minus the Rimmel translucent powder I chucked away after using once. Even with comb/oily skin I've never been interested in powdering my face I just didn't feel the need for it until the NARS 'Crystal' powder caught my eye. After receiving some money for Christmas I decided it was time to add it into my basket instead of swooning over it.

It came in a cute black pouch and the signature matte black NARS compact (same size as the Laguna bronzer). When I searched for reviews online many mentioned that they thought there was some kind of protective layer over the top as it was perfectly smooth and no fall out and the reviews were right, silky smooth and in my eyes just perfect!

As you can see from the picture above with the brush it doesn't pick up a lot of product unlike some powders which just overloads your brush with product equalling to a cakey face which is a big no no, it should look natural and blur any imperfections on the skin/evening out the skin tone and this is exactly what the NARS powder does, with it's light reflecting complex it blurs out any imperfections in the skin and visibly smoothes over any fine lines/pores and most importantly the staying power - I apply in the morning, goto work and my foundation is still in tact and no need for touch ups.

I've been using this powder nearly every day since December and it still looks perfect, there isn't even a dent where I've been using it so although £26 may seem pricey to some I know it's definitely going to last a long time so cheaper in the long run! Hands down this is my holy grail powder and won't be curious to try other brands as this is just perfect for me so if your after a powder thats natural, conceals, lasts all day then I'd definitely recommend NARS powder.


  1. Ooo this sounds lovely. I've only ever tried MAC's prep and prime powder, but that ran out so quick! Hmmm this is definitely one to add to the notes on my phone! haha xx

  2. I want to try this so bad! Im such a sucker for NARS packaging!

    if you ever have time, would you be able to check out my blog please?
    thankyou ♥

    1. Me too, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging aha! I have done hun ;) x

  3. This looks really pretty but rather pricey xx


    1. It is! I know what you mean but with 3 months use and not a single dent it's worth it in the long run x

  4. Hey, I love you're blog and wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out my page to find more out about it. Nicki x


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