Bobbi Brown Nectar Blush

Described as a pink coral, this Bobbi Brown blush is beautifullll.

I have draws full of blushes and this is the most reached for and the one I wear everyday, it's such a beautiful natural shade and gives your cheeks the perfect flushed look. 

As Bobbi Brown blushes are incredibly pigmented I find using a real techniques stippling brush works well as you can gently stipple it onto your cheeks controlling how much you use.

Retailing at £19 for a 3.7g may seem expensive but I haven't hit pan on it yet so use sparingly and it will last you a long time.

Anyone recommend another pretty blush shade from Bobbi Brown?


  1. I think I need to invest in a shade like this - I have so many fancy ones that look amazing in the pan but just don't translate as well on the skin. This just looks like such a staple to have :) xx

    1. This is so pigmented you need to check out Bobbi Brown x

  2. Hello. I've found your blog through #bbloggers, really like your layout and design!

    The Bobbi Brown blusher looks beautiful, such a nice shade! I love blushers that are really pigmented so might have to give this one a go, sounds like a great first Bobbi Brown purchase for me to make!


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