MUA out there plumping lip gloss...

Hey lovelies!

I'm sure you've all saw the MUA stands in your local Superdrug, if not then you've definitely saw them on your favourite blogs.

"Makeup Academy, known for it's affordability and high quality products was launched in May 2010 with a huge range of lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes etc for a mere £1!!! In May 2011 MUA bought out a professional range ranging from £1.50 - £4.00"
After traipsing around Superdrug today I decided to pick one of their "plumping" lip glosses up, there's seven shades to choose from but there weren't many stocked in my local store so I went with Candy Pink £2

Each shade contains maxi lip plumping agents for a natural looking pout.....apparently. I felt a little tingle sensation but nothing too drastic and only lasted a few seconds but didn't notice any plumper lips boo, but for two quid I can't complain.

The colour pay off is pretty decent, one swipe of the gloss will give you a hint of colour but if your like me and like a good colour pay off then you will have to layer it on several of times (see pic) but I think it'll work best over a lipstick.

Overall I think this is a decent product for the price and will more than likely look into some more products from their range. Anyone else tried this range? Have any product recommendations?


  1. The lipsticks are great!!! amazing pigmentation and for only £1 u cant go wrong, the bronzer isnt too bad either x

  2. I've never tried MUA, I've heard so much about it though! The lipgloss looks pretty. I'll definitely have to have a look at the products xxx

  3. iv tried MUA before but need to look at there new makeup, great prices and i like the way the lipstick looks. is it sticky? x

  4. Love the lippie and your blog. You are gorgeous. :)


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