Vita Liberata Extra Rich Silken Chocolate

"This is an ideal product for those with very pale, hard to tan skin. All our products are formulated to perfection with organic extracts and moisturisers to ensure a natural fade and prolonged skin conditioning".

So here we have, another fake tan to add to my ever growing fake tan collection Vita Liberata 'extra rich silken chocolate' I wasn't aware of this particular brand until last year when it was the X Factors chosen tan!

On application the lotion is very dark and best of all odourless, because it's organic it's free of any chemicals/nasties which is obviously great for our skin. I pump a few pumps of lotion onto my tanning mitt and start from top to bottom, the tan glides effortlessly over the skin so need for any vigorous rubbing of the skin and also has a gorgeous golden/bronze guide colour to guide you to a perfect application. 

From start to finish it takes me 10 minutes max to cover my whole body so for me it isn't time consuming at all which is great when you just want to jump into bed after a long, tiring day. I always put my fake tan on before bed, I can't stand sitting in it throughout the day. First thing next morning I shower it off and I'm left with a natural olive tan, there's no hint of fakeness with this product. Although I love this product I am a little disappointed it isn't darker, as it comes under their "dark" ranges. 

 If your new to (fake) tanning or even like a subtle natural looking tan then I 100% recommend this tan for you as it leaves such a natural olive tan you can't go wrong.

Winner of the best organic tan!

Price = £22.50, 200ml although if you look around the net you will find it cheaper.

Anyone else tried this tan or any other product from Vita Liberata? Next up I want to try the new Phenomenal 2-3 week dark tan!


  1. Never heard of this self tanner before. I'm going to give it a try though. I'm a self tanner whore and always looking for more to add to my collection.

  2. I agree with it not being dark enough, i see it more as a gradual tanner than a dark tan. I'm going to stick to st tropez!

    Jodie x


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